Fabulous Gifts for 9 Year Old Boys

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Boys are tough nuts to crack when it comes to gifts. You’ll find out that most of them don’t want to be treated as kids anymore. They start to be choosy on toys and games. This is the time you need to spend more time with them to be able to know them better. If you are not sure what would make awesome gifts for 9 year old boys, we are here to help you. We are Aroundtheclockgifts.com and we know exactly what would make great gifts. In this list of gifts, you are going to get what you are looking for to surprise him. We have a diverse range of gifts for all kinds of 9-year old boys, birthday gifts, survival kits, fathers day gifts and many more. Check out our new arrivals to see which one will impress your growing prince!

All parents want their kids to have a blast and be happy on their birthdays. What makes this hard to happen are the many cheap and fake toys sold in stores today? Finding the right gifts for 9 year old boys is not a walk in the park. The reasons being that, they are no longer little kids, neither are they, teens. You need a special gift that fits in between to make them happy. 9-year-old boys have grown physically and intellectually. Getting them simple toys or games won’t impress them anymore. At this age, we expect them to start having a strong sense of what they like and what they don’t. If you have to spend enough time with them, it is easy for you to know what they expect as gifts.

Polar Bear Krazy Kritters Kids Travel Activity Set

Gifts for 9 year old boys- Polar Bear Krazy Kritters Kids Travel Activity Set

Don’t sweat it when traveling with your kids! 

With these tasty treats, you don’t need to struggle to get their attention. It is a stunning collection of games, toys, animal characters, and gummy treats. This awesome collection also has flavored vitamin drink packed in a nice, vinyl, and reusable travel bag. We know how hectic traveling can be if you don’t have anything to destruct your kids with. On top of that, as you travel, your kids will be busy with hands-on activities. They include Kidsmania Text Messenger toy that has bubble tape and Go Fish cards and the Original Surprise Bag. To make it more fun, you can refill the Krazy Kritters Polar Bear with his favorite drinks, since its reusable. The sets are available in many different colors so pick the one that he loves. We have Kids Activity Travel Sets in Blue, Red, Green, Pink, Yellow, Orange, and Purple. Your child will have fun with this set at a sleepover or while visiting grandparents. It is quite convenient and all you need to do is grab it and go. This set will also make a perfect option during game day, kids birthday party, and kids’ carnival prizes. These are great gifts for 9 years old boys that will surely impress. 


  • The Original Surprise Bag
  • Bubble Tape with Kidsmania Text Messenger
  • Go Fish card game
  • Sprint Lemon-Lime Soda Can Fizzy Candy
  • Reusable Vinyl Bag
  • efrutti Sour Mini Burger Gummy candies
  • Kidsmania Sour Blast Strawberry Awe Spray Candy
  • Krazy Kritter Polar Bear Themed Vitamin Drink
  • Kidsmania Blue Raspberry Flash Pop

Boredom Busters Pail for Kids

Gifts for 9 year old boys - Kid’s Learn and Play Tote Bag | Early Development Toys and Games

Switch off all gadgets and switch to other ways of having fun!

Want a surprise your kid with unique gifts for 9 year old boys. Why don’t you try out our acrylic paint pail? This is a perfect choice if you want to draw their focus from fancy gadgets. This crafty gift has brimming classic games and toys to keep them occupied for hours. They are going to laugh their lungs out you’d even want to join in. The fun is stretched to another level with emoji projecting Laser Pop and candy. If you have a 9-year-old grandchild, this would make a great gift. Family and friends can also send this gift. 


  • Classic YoYo
  • 2 Bubble tubes with wands
  • Nite Glo necklace
  • 2-Pack Silly Putty
  • Foam football
  • Individually wrapped candies (5 oz.)
  • Vintage jacks and balls game
  • Package of sidewalk chalk, 6 colors
  • Vintage paddle ball
  • Reusable acrylic pail with a lid
  • Projector Laser Pop toy
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Kid’s Learn and Play Tote Bag

Gifts for 9 year old boys- Pink Themed Kids Activity Travel Set

Let your kids have fun while learning new things! 

Playing is a great way to make your children learn new things in life. That is why Aroundtheclockgifts.com likes to focus on handcrafted gifts. Our Kid’s Learn and Play set will make your kids have lots of fun as they play as they learn new stuff. Eye-hand coordination and dexterity are improved with chalkboard and finger paints. Gets giggles from the clapping monkey while ABCs, colors, and shapes are thought by the colorful flashcards.

Reward them between sessions with candy as break treats. We have made it more interesting by including play dough with animal-shaped dough cutters plus magic-grow animals. If your child wants to visit his grandparents, we have made it super easy with a tote bag. He can just put in the toys and games and they’ll perfectly fit. If you are looking for great gifts for 9 year old boys, this is one of them. This gift also offers a fun way to keep the babysitter busy with your kids. Don’t just let them play computer games that don’t teach them vital skills. You will help your kids develop fast and early with our playful set.


  • 4 finger paints
  • 4 magic grow animals
  • 5 ounces of individually wrapped candy
  • Chalkboard with chalk and eraser
  • Clapping wacky monkey toy with candy in the base
  • 2 decks of flashcards
  • Small containers of play dough with 3 dough cutters
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Blue Themed Kids Activity Travel Set

Blue Themed Kids Activity Travel Set Contents

Travel easy with your kids!

Traveling with kids is not easy when you don’t have anything to destruct them. At Aroundtheclockgifts.com, we have all sorts of gifts for 9 year old boys including this tasty set of sweets and toys. These gifts are put into a handy pouch of Blue Themed Kids Activity Travel Set. Your kids will love the vinyl zippered bag which lasts long. They can use it to carry their other toys when visiting grandma or sleepovers.

The bag is filled with many sweet treats like Tootsie Frooties, Laffy Taffies, and Pop Rocks. A vitamin drink is also there to wash the treats down. Since it’s a travel kit, we have included hands-on activities to keep them busy while on the road. We have a toy racing car filled with candy and an Etch A Sketch Doodle pad. Even though we have chosen to highlight this set in Blue, you can find it in your child’s favorite color. This gift is also perfect for silent auctions, kids’ carnival prizes, birthdays, game day, or tailgating.


  • Blue Cherry Laffy Taffy candies
  • Clear vinyl reusable bag
  • Blue Raspberry Watermelon Ring Pop
  • Blue Raspberry Tootsie Frooties
  • Tropical Punch Pop Rocks
  • Splash grape soda can
  • Blue sweet racer toy car
  • Rock candy on a stick
  • Krazy Kritter Blue Raspberry Dinosaur Themed Vitamin Drink
  • Etch A Sketch doodle pad
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Paw Patrol Fun Cup Gifts for Kids

Gifts for 9 year old boys - Paw Patrol Fun Cup Gifts for Kids

Any Paw Patrol-loving kid will love this fun gift set. Aunts, parents, grandparents, uncles, or friends can send this gift to a 9-year-old boy. It’s also a great gift for any occasion like Christmas, Easter, birthdays, thanksgiving, or Name Day. These great gifts for 9 year old boys are filled with fun items and sweet and sour treats. Every kid will wish to have the same gift due to plenty of candies to share. It is an awesome gift for a sweet tooth kid!


  • World’s Largest Lollipop
  • Sour Blast candy-filled toys
  • Shark Kite
  • E.Frutti sour gummy burgers
  • Sour Patch Kids
  • Paw Patrol Cup
  • Squiggly Straw
  • Double Bubble Baseball Bat
  • E.Frutti gummy burgers
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Purple Themed Kids Activity Travel Set

Gifts for 9 year old boys - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids Fishing Pole Gift Set

Enjoy the road trip with your kids! 

Get rid of the boredom and nagging from your kids with this great Purple Themed Activity Travel Set. It is the perfect way to make grab your kid’s attention while traveling. This handy pouch contains tasty sweets and toys to keep them busy on the road. Your kids can use this vinyl zippered bag for so many things since its long-lasting. In this bag, they will find many treats like candy-filled Kidsmania toys, efrutti gummy candies, and a Grape Soda Can of Fizzy Candy. There is also a tasty vitamin drink and hands-on activities.

These will keep them occupied while on the road. They include Super Action YoYo Classic, Old Maids Cards, and the Original Surprise Bag. All the items in this bag are purple. However, these awesome gifts for 9 year old boys and girls are found in many different colors. You can’t miss one in your child’s favorite color. Just grab it and go, whether it’s for a friend’s sleepover or visiting grandma! You also use it to reward kids during game day, birthdays, PTA raffles, or tailgating.


  • Kidsmania Sucker Punch
  • Kidsmania Grape Soda Can
  • Old Maid cards
  • Kidsmania Punchy Monkey
  • Super Action YoYo Classic
  • Frutti Monkey Party Gummy candies
  • Clear vinyl reusable bag
  • Etch A Sketch doodle pad
  • Krazy Kritter Monkey Themed Vitamin Drink
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kids Fishing Pole Gift Set

Gifts for 9 year old boys- Gluten Free Kids Birthday Gift Box with Name Brand Candy

The baby boy has grown up to be a young prince. No more baby stuff for this young chap! If he likes fishing and loves Teenage Ninja Turtles, then this gift set would be perfect for him. If you are the dad, uncle, grandpa, or godfather, these are great gifts for 9 year old boys. The boy will have lots of fun when you go fishing with him. At Aroundtheclockgifts.com, we care about your kid’s wellbeing and learning simple skills. That is why we make all our gifts crafty and fun.


  • 1 Kid Casters Youth TMNT-Themed Fishing Pole
  • Activity Instructions Sheet3.85oz. Bag of Cotton Candy Pops
  • 1.2.4oz. Package of Oreos
  • Strong nylon netting
  • Rubber grip
  • 1-4.5oz. Bag of Black Forest Gummy Worms
  • 1 Styrofoam Container
  • Net measures 12″ in diameter, with a 6″ handle
  • 1 TMNT Fun Net
  • Swedish Fish
  • Bonus Item: 1 Free Training Bait 4 pack
  • Aluminum frame
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Gluten-Free Kids Birthday Gift Box with Name Brand Candy


Gifts for 9 year old boys- Gluten Free Kids Birthday Gift Box with Name Brand Candy

Give your kid the best gift on his 9th birthday courtesy of Around The Clock Gifts delivery. These gift boxes are wonderful gifts for 9 year old boys and girls you want to have a blast on their birthdays. We know that Dietary Restrictions are having their toll on us but this doesn’t mean you can’t get your kid such a great gift. Our colorful and popular Gluten Free and Nut Free Birthday Box will delight your kids. This box contains efrutti gummi candies like Dinos, Geckos, and Mini Sea Creatures. Other treats that are found in this box include a Pizza Party Packet, Mini Burgers, and Candy Bracelets. If you are an uncle, aunt, or grandparent, this a great gift for a 9-year-old child.


  • Share Size Dino Rex
  • Share Size Pizza Party
  • Candy Necklaces
  • Geckos
  • Share Size Mini Sea Creatures
  • Share Size Mini Burgers
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World’s Largest Lollipop with Themed Kites

Gifts for 9 year old boys- World’s Largest Lollipop with Themed Kites

Kites make fun gifts for 9-year-old boys. Combine that with candy and you have a terrific gift for your child. This is what you get when you decide to partner with Around The Clock Gifts online gift delivery. These super fun Themed Kites with the world’s biggest lollipop will make him feel special on any occasion you are having. What makes them even better is how easy you can assemble them. On a slightly windy day, your kids will have great fun flying their kites while enjoying the sweet candy that comes with them. Whether it’s a game day, summer holidays, or springtime, you can all have lots of fun with this wonderful gift. Your loved one will get this gift perfectly shrink-wrapped with a ribbon. You can include a short message if you want to.


  • World’s Largest Lollipop
  • 2 feet in length Dubble Bubble Brand Baseball Bat
  • Colorful Themed Kite
  • Customizable Card
  • E. Frutti T-Rex Sour Gummy Candy
  • Rip’s Sour Pencils
  • Shrink Wrapped with Bow
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Birthday Candy Bouquet Kids Gift Ideas

Gifts for 9 year old boys- Birthday Candy Bouquet Kids Gift Ideas

Show that handsome young boy how much you care for him with Birthday Candy Bouquet. This fun-looking party box is what you are looking for if you are looking for gifts for 9 year old boys. We have taken our ‘sweet’ time to craft this gift. Your child will love every bit of it. It contains Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape, Pop Rock candy, candy bars, and many other sweet treats. The combination of colors will make his peers envy him. This will make your child feel so happy! This mouth-watering candy bouquet is a great gift that any 9-year-old boy would like. The kind of gifts you give your kids will help determine their self-confidence. Don’t go for gifts that make them feel embarrassed in front of their peers.


  • Hubba Dubba Bubble Tape
  • 3 Hershey’s Candy Bars
  • Pop Rocks

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  • Shrink-wrapped for better gift protection when in transit.
  • Custom gifts are available.
  • Freshness and quality are assured by crafting gifts soon as you order.
  • We guarantee 100% satisfaction.
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Boys of this age tend to get bored with toys quickly. When choosing gifts for 9 year old boys, you need to think interns of learning. You should also get them that will grab their attention and make them creative. Around The Clock Gifts is here to help you in all matters concerning gifts for all ages and occasions. When looking for gifts, pick a gift that involves other kids. Gift baskets that have aged kids’ games are perfect to help them make friends and build teamwork. This helps your child to enhance social skills as he grows up.

You are welcomed to send any of these unique gifts at aroundtheclockgifts.com, and any other gifts for any event. As much as they are growing up fast, let’s not forget that 9 year-olds are still children. Their gifts shouldn’t be so complex. They should have fun and learn at the same time. A robot dinosaur is not suitable at this tender age. Since you have spent time with them, it’s better to send them a gift that developed an interest in.

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