Real History of Halloween

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One of the oldest annual events marked in the US and Europe is Halloween. It touches on the most vital part of life: the relationship between the living and the dead. We all have different faiths about what happens when we die. But do you know the history of Halloween? It is a ritual about life and death and how the living should honor those who have passed on. It’s also a great time to mark since it’s a passage that we will all go through, no matter how scary it is.

Even though it’s more common in the US and Canada, many parts of the world embrace this event’s spirit. In Mexico, it is known as Día de Muertos, Day of the Dead, and in China, they call it Tomb Sweeping Day. If you want to find out Halloween’s real history, you will have to go back to the Celtic festival of Samhain. Many of the people around the world have just started observing it a few years ago, though. The holiday has evolved into festive gatherings in various ways that revolve around death. For instance, in the US, this day of activities includes trick-or-treating, carving jack-o-lanterns, haunted house tours, ghost tours, Halloween parties, scary costumes, and eating treats.

No matter how you celebrate it, it’s about having lots of fun!

Where did Halloween Come From?

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The history of Halloween dates back to the 8th century. But where did Halloween come from?

This cultural event was first marked by the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. On this day, those who marked it thought that they could ward ghosts by wearing costumes and lighting bonfires. After that, November 1 was designated in the eighth century by Pope Gregory III to honor all saints. IT made some of the people to combine both All Saints Day and the traditions of Samhain. The eve of All Saints was called All Hallows Eve and, later on, was changed to Halloween.

Even though Halloween is a huge event in North America, it doesn’t mean that the festival came from there. It is the Irish settlers who brought it to the United States hundreds of years ago. Back then, it was a fire fest observed on October 31 and the day after.

During this time, old flames had to be put off, and new flames were lightened up again by druids. Many who marked this ceremony believed that it was time to move to the new by casting out the old ways. It wasn’t like the modern New Year’s Day that we are used to. They thought that the spirits of those who died would come back to their old homes. Humans saw the spirits that were released from the other side.

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Who Invented Halloween?

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Wondering who invented Halloween? It’s believed that Halloween was created about 2000 years ago by the Celtic people of France. It later spread to the British of Isles. It is marked as the festival of Samhain every year on October 31, the last summer. Samhain is the Lord of the dead, and spirits are set free on this day. Just to set things straight, the name Halloween is not original. This name came from “All Hallow’s Evening,” which later changed to “All Hallow’s Even.”

After a while, it changed to “All Halloween,” then lastly, it became Halloween. Back in the days, sacrifices were made by the Celtic priests to the god of the dead. The sacrifices were in the form of animals, prisoners, and victims burnt alive in huge bonfires. These priests predicted the future and performed omens. They thought that if the spirits were not treated well, they might get pissed off. Some dress up in strange costumes to conceal their identity since they believe that evil spirits conquer the earth on this day. It is what makes the history of Halloween unique.

Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

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So why do we celebrate Halloween? Due to the impact of pop culture. Halloween is heavily commercialized, where both the young and the old celebrate this event. They do this by carving pumpkins and throwing parties. The British tradition of “souling” was twisted by the Americans, who call it trick or treating to help children have fun too on this day.

Halloween Timeline

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In 1978, a movie titled Halloween was directed by John Carpenter. 40 years later, a sequel, also titled Halloween, is about a terrified babysitter (Jamie Lee Curtis). She escapes death by a whisker from a masked murderer (Michael Myers). Universal Pictures is behind this long-running slasher franchise. Everything except for John Carpenter’s Halloween in this 11 installment series de-canonize. They got rid of an unrelated anthology installment – Halloween III: Season of the Witch. It is now a defunct reboot series of six direct sequels, directed by Rob Zombie. And that is the Halloween timeline.


TIMELINE 1 (1978 — 1995)

TIMELINE 2 (1978 — 2002)

TIMELINE 3 (2007 — 2009)

TIMELINE 4 (1978 — 2018)




What Countries Celebrate Halloween?

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We can’t tell what countries celebrate Halloween. All over the world, people celebrate Halloween in ways, depending on where they come from. The festival also had different names and is not always marked on October 31. Halloween is marked in the US on October 31 by the young and the old in equal measure. The order of the day is telling scary stories to kids and carving pumpkins. It is to make jack-o-lantern. They also watch horror movies to scare up things and have fun. Kids dress in cute and scary costumes from house to house in the evening shouting “trick or treat.” It prompts the house owner to give them candy. In Latin America and Mexico, the history of Halloween is also rich. The festival is called Día de Los Muertos. It simply means the Day of the Dead. The holiday is meant to honor the dead and is marked in three days – October 31 to November 2. Alters are created at homes, and delicacies have prepared to honor the dead in those households. Skull and skeleton shaped candy and food are prepared to mark this annual event. The festival has grown to be popular in the past 30 years in Europe including other parts of the world. Many kids and young people in Greece and Poland attend costume parties and carving out pumpkins.

Here we come up with some of the countries around the world that mark Halloween:

  • New Zealand
  • Germany
  • England
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Ireland
  • Scotland
  • Philippines
  • Australia
  • France
  • Japan
  • Sardinia
  • Spain
  • Russia

How Halloween Is Celebrated Today?

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There are many ways how Halloween is celebrated today. Even though Halloween is popular in America, it hardly made it across the Atlantic. It has not quite embraced out there. The Puritans don’t mark this day because they believe it came from the pagans. The holiday made its way back to zeitgeist when the Scots and Irish came to America in large numbers. They created the first Halloween event in America. The fest had large public parties to bring in the season of the harvest. They also told ghost stories while dancing. Halloween was marked across North America with people wearing costumes and sharing candy. This year won’t be so different as the tradition continues with candy and a display of costumes. We will sit around bonfires and tell scary stories while kids trick or treat. Witches, zombies, and ghost stories keep us on our toes on Halloween night.

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