Marriage Survival Kit | Great Idea for Best Man Speech


This marriage survival kit will start the new couple off on the right foot with some basic necessities and clever words of advice, great idea for a best man speech or memorable anniversary gift.  It’s sure to get a chuckle or two.

Guidance from the instruction card includes:
  • Fireball candy to keep things spicy
  • A lollipop to remind you that you can always lick your problems
  • Rubber-band to keep things flexible
  • Gum to help you stick together
  • Lifesavers to keep you from drowning in everyday situations
  • Lemonheads for when life gives you lemons you can make lemonade
  • Mints because you were “Mint” to be together
  • Chapstick to keep your lips kissable
  • Headache relief for no more excuses
  • Air Freshener for when the honeymoon is over and the fart fest begins
  • An energy drink for the days when you don’t have any
  • Teabag for when you get into hot water, make tea and share it
  • Tissues to remind you to dry each other’s tears
  • Waterproof matches, may your light never be quenched
  • A clothespin to help you hold it all together

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