New Job | New Promotion | New Career | Funny Survival Kit Gift

New Job Survival Kit Premium
New Job Survival Premium finshed product
New Job Survival Kit Premium Witty Instruction Card
New Job Survival Kit Premium Dimensions Sillouette

New Job | New Promotion | New Career | Funny Survival Kit Gift


Perfect gift for those who have recently received a promotion, a new job, or other career opportunities.

Complete with a new pair of sunglasses - because their future is so bright, gotta wear shades! 

 Product Description: 

A new job or promotion is definitely a reason to celebrate.

This Premium Survival Kit is stocked with items one might need when starting new responsibilities.

Keepsakes include a laminated instruction card explaining the significance of each item, and reusable muslin bag.

Similar to our Basic New Job Survival Kit, this Premium Edition has congratulations on the outside of the muslin bag, polarized sunglasses that float, and more items.

The muslin bag opens and closes with a double-knotted cord.

Dimensions are approximately 9" x 6".

The logo on the front is heat transferred by hand using an iron, so the placement of the image may differ slightly.

Please hand wash.

This will keep the colors on the logo from fading or peeling off.

Send us your own image such as a business logo, and we will add it to your custom message.


    • Balloon

    • Extra gum

    • Rubber band

    • Single-dose headache relief

    • Tootsie Rolls

    • Packet of tissues

    • Pop Rocks

    • Fun Size M&M's

    • 1 Shot 5-Hour Extra Strength

    • Folding fan

    • Two Leaves and a Bud Organic Tea

    • Piranha polarized sunglasses

    • Keepsake muslin bag

    • Laminated instruction card

No assembly required.

Customized gift card option included.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


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