PMS Survival Kit for Shark Week Relief. Funny Comfort Care Package

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PMS Survival Kit for Shark Week Relief. Funny Comfort Care Package


Pre-Filled and Fully Loaded PMS Survival Kit Custom Gift Idea to help relieve symptoms and uplift their Spirits!

Enjoy the soothing comfort of this package and curl up in a warm, safe place with a some chocolate, cramp reliever, and other remedies for the female malady.

Sip on a soothing cup of tea and remind yourself you're still a fine lady! Take out your moments of aggression on gummy sharks and feel the satisfaction of biting off their heads.

Includes a Keepsake Laminated instruction sheet, all this is contained in a delightful muslin bag which can be re-used over and over!

The Keepsake Reusable Muslin Bag is handmade from cotton muslin with a double-knotted cord at the very top to open and close the bag. Dimensions are approximately 9" x 6"

Fully customizable! You can add your Own Personal Message to the included Gift Card.

The logo on the front is heat transferred by hand using an iron so the placement of the image may differ slightly.

Please hand wash the muslin bag instead of putting it in a washing machine. This will keep the colors on the logo from fading and/or peeling off.

No assembly required and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Thank you for supporting our small business! 

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