Red, White and “Kabluoom” Patriotic Centerpiece

Red, White and “Kabluoom” Patriotic Centerpiece

Red, White and “Kabluoom” Patriotic Centerpiece

Welcome everyone to your table with this explosive Patriotic Centerpiece!

Made with Artificial Silk Flowers and Popping Ka-BOOM Candy that looks like fireworks.

This arrangement is guaranteed to last throughout the years, making it a great alternative to living flowers, even after all the candy is gone!

Gathering for dinner never looked more lovely with your new Patriotic arrangement.

Perfect for Independence Day, Veterans Day, Labor Day, Memorial Weekend and all our patriotic holidays!

Red, white and blue is the honor that binds us after all.

Handcrafted with you in mind! 

We used flowers that represent love, good luck, humility, and innocence!

Shrink-wrapped with a bow to protect the contents while shipping.

Customized Gift Card Option included at checkout.

  • Metal Tin Flowers and Gardens
  • Artificial Roses and Carnations
  • Small American Flags
  • Ribbon
  • Ka-BOOM Candy
  • Decorative Stars

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