New Teacher Fun Survival Kit with Witty Instruction Card

Teachers Survival Kit display of contents
Teacher Survival Kit Full Bag of Contents
Teacher Survival Kit Torso sillouete with hands dimensions
Teacher Survival Kit Empty Muslin Bag
teacher survival kit witty instruction card
Teacher Survival

New Teacher Fun Survival Kit with Witty Instruction Card


Teacher Appreciation Survival Kit full of clever items with symbolic meaning to show how much they are appreciated. 

The Keepsake Reusable Muslin Bag is handmade from cotton muslin with a double-knotted cord at the very top to open and close the bag.

Items included in the Teacher Survival Kit are:

Writing pen


Paper Clip






Hand Sanitizer


Laffy Taffy

Pop Rocks

Organic Tea

Laminated instruction card explaining the significance of each item.

Items are inserted into a muslin fabric bad with special Teacher Survival Kit digitally printed logo.

Add a personal touch with a custom printed gift message to your recipient. Don't forget to include who it is to and from.

Great Gift for Teachers, Student Teachers, Graduation, Virtual Teachers, Professors.

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